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Fun shitty night - Debora Blue, Saori Kido (2017 | FullHD)

The sisters’ scat punishment - Debora Blue, Isa Blue, Saori Kido (2017 | FullHD)

Isa blue and Debora Blue are not sitisfied with they maid works, they decided to punsh the girl with a very hard lesson. The two start dominating Saori, punching her belly, spitting and pony ridding. Isa decided that it's not enought, she needs to suffer more, so they start pissing to the maid drink. The two sisters' has no mercy about saori, they forced the slave to drink piss and clean their dirty wet pussy. Debora wants to poop, she decided to use that to punish more the slave, Isa likes the idea and the two sisters gave their scat to Saori eat and clean their black assholes.
Complain Never More - Babi Ventura, Debora Blue, Lisa Black (2017 | FullHD)

Lisa Black is angry because she finished to clean the house now and Debora Blue and Babi Ventura are smoking, making the floor dirty again. But wait, this is Debora's house!!! Now Lisa Black will see what is dirty. The two goddess puts their assholes to shit on her mouth, now she will talk real shit. The girl was forced to swallow shit and piss as punishment.