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Masturbation and shit - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

Very often I do masturbate vaginal and anal I like it a lot , and I think you like to watch what a beautiful girl enters her cunt or ass different things , and even after masturbating and shit )
Shit for wearing your flats - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

In this video clip I fill my ballet shoes ( Slippers ) shit , and then inserted into their feet . Oh it’s a warm hot shit , I have no words ….
A big pile of crap in my denim shorts - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I’m wearing my favorite denim shorts to fill them with your crap .I love shit things as the subject of shit and piss I really like it , I do not hide that I am a pervert , I enjoy what I do . Excites me that I smear my body with shit as I just did , and the desire to try was always . Will shoot a video of your script , write your most intimate scenarios to me in private messages and I’ll do them for you .
A big pile of crap in my jeans - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

Do you like when I fill your pants with shit and many of you I continue on this topic . According to your numerous requests, I once again recorded this video . The whole day I did not go to the toilet , endured to make this video . In this video clip I’m on my knees with cancer and fill their jeans a large amount of liquid shit . Oh yeah it’s great and brings all your expectations , after I filled them with hot shit I take them off and show my ass and jeans all the liquid shit that’s awesome and so exciting . I like games with by shit , wash the body wants more and more dirty things , I am excited by the smells of shit , urine … don’t forget to look in my store I am always happy you are my favorite buyers , I appreciate you . And thank you that you have . Sincerely yours Svetlana .
Piss and shit on the bed - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I got up in the morning and decided to record a video clip , I haven't went to the bathroom and I badly wanted to put his / her needs . I wore a white shirt and tie , I like different images . I kept a large amount of urine , but I prefer to release urine from my crotch runs hot piss , Oh is the Golden jet .. As I lay on the couch and began to shit out of my priests, released a large amount of crap wow I got so easy and good . After that, I started to smear my ass and pussy shit , I like cool games with by shit .
Try your shit taste - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I like to experiment this time I took the plate from which I eat and put on the floor , then I started to push and my pussy started dripping menstruation . Once on the plate dripped menstruation I started to shit filling the bowl with shit . Oh so that’s fucking crazy , I took a plate in hands, and began to sniff his shit , fuck I’m a slut I said to myself , I began to try shit taste how nice is the smell, plus drop the monthly – menstruation graced this dish
Girl Dumps Thick Shits with - LoveRachelle2 (2017 | 4K UHD)

I’m standing in front of a plate, showing off my cute white boyshorts, and my ass sure looks good and plump, doesn’t it. I slap my fat cheeks and shake that booty around a little, before spreading them open and exposing my naughty little blowhole, which is already yawning open to let out a THICK turdle head! My poop births out my hole and onto your plate. I hope you enjoy dinner AND a show, because I’ve got a messy, poopy butthole I can’t NOT show off, and wink in your face! I pull my white, clean panties right back on–and over my shitty pucker, staining them, and giving you a nice close-up of your meal. For your next meal, I blow my load all over my white futon. Ooh, stinky! The start of that turd stretches me open and good, and then ends with a delicious, oozing trail of shit out my pucker. Yum! I make sure you get a good eyefull of this one, too–and tell you how I want you to eat it…
White floral dress with - TinaAmazon (2017 | FullHD)

My ass looks so good in this short little white dress. Watch me show off then bend over and push out a big thick firm shit.
Instructional Vid; Learn to eat your SHIT with BDSMangel -  (2017 | FullHD)

YOU WILL FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS. Style: Degrading and dominating, FIRM informative toilet slave instructions. Outfit: Red/black bra, black cotton panties, toe nails painted white. I near had no plans before starting this video, just an idea from a special slave who wanted to eat his shit before he lost his chance forever because of surgery. He followed through – he did pause at some parts but overall he successfully ate his shit! Because thats what good slaves do! If you are afraid or hesitant and wanting to eat, buy this – you will be heavily assisted! Instructions include pace of eating, how to set up to do it, what to do with your pee, and following me with your chewing and mouthfuls. All you need to do is; buy My video, have your poop ready, or even a Goddess’s, and pee is needed as well. I will teach you how to REALLY serve and be My slave.
Bodysuit tease then shit with - TinaAmazon (2017 | FullHD)

Looking really sexy in my nude bodysuit, I show off my perfect goddess body. Then I take a big thick shit for you to jerk off to.
Jeans pooping and dirty fuck with - JosslynKane  (2017 | FullHD)

Watch me pooping my jeans and fucking my dirty asshole with my big dildo, letting more and more shit to coming out, mm so creamy so nice, so intense. In the end I fuck the dirty dildo and my poop is tasting so good.


Le Retour De Charly - Charly, Paquita (2017 | SD)

The adrenaline starts and things heat up with the cuties!!!!
MFX-1243 The Doctor’s Office - Tatthy, Lizandra (2017 | SD)

With a friend at the master with ModelNatalya94 -  (2017 | FullHD)

We staged a little show for you in which we caressed each other’s Breasts bite their teeth over the nipples and shit to each other on the naked chest. We do it by priority first, Olga fondles my Breasts and nipples and shit on my Tits, I smeared shit chest it flows through my body to the bottom, and then we switch places and I piss in her mouth Olga, Olga drinks my urine and then shit on naked breast Olga
Diarrhoea ( Diarrhea ) all day - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

This is a collection of video clips with diarrhea ( User request ) . I drank a laxative as it was written in the script , and after some time after the beginning of a cathartic act of me pouring just liquid shit with water such a powerful jet . This movie is made up of many parts of the video because this video was recorded the whole day 
Menstruation + a Big pile of crap - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I have a very sore abdomen and so yay I have started menstruation “Menstruation” . I wanted to write to you something unusual from me , I decided to show you their critical days . I went into the room completely naked and turned on the camera for recording , then I raised my legs up and started shitting out of my ass started to get a large amount of shit , wow how great it is, you wouldn’t believe . From strong tension poured out of me menstruation large blood clot on fucking blajenstvo I feel like a whore and I love it . After that, I started to smear the shit in vagina , liberally coating the pubis shit , yeah I’m your dirty Whore .
Games with fruits and constipation - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I love to experiment , this time I picked a fruit a banana and an orange . A bit of tinkering with them I took off my panties and sat down on his haunches and began to push . It was hard for me to shit out of my butt since morning I have a very sick stomach , was a little tense and shit started to come out of my butt . After I pulled the tension from the anal I took the banana and wanted to pomasturbirovali them your dirty anus . But the banana opened up and I stuck his ass a little bit . Maybe this video will seem strange to you but it turns me on )
Diarrhea and gynecologic speculum anal - Svetlana (2017 | FullHD)

I bought a gynecologic speculum and decided to try it . I lay down on the bed fully naked and exposed his ass and started shitting out of my butt, then he started having liquid diarrhea , on how I felt after that . I like to smear shit on my body and I like it a lot , I lay down on the bed and widely spread their legs and started to smear shit on his ass and pussy . After that I took a gynaecological mirror and put yourself in the anal . It was so nice and perfectly Oh yeah .