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Pretty Rock Climber - Nadja (2017 | HD)

Scat At Home - 3 - Nadja (2017 | SD)

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Scat At Home - Nadja (2017 | FullHD)

Scat By The Sea - Nadja (2017 | HD)

Scat Games At Home - 2 - Nadja (2017 | HD)

Scat Games At Home - Nadja (2017 | HD)

Scat In The Bathroom - Nadja (2017 | FullHD)

Smearing Shit - Nadja (2017 | HD)

So Hot And Sexy Pooping Girl - Nadja (2017 | HD)

The Beauty In Black! - Nadja (2017 | HD)

Upside Down Milk Enema - Nadja (2017 | FullHD)

Bent Over Toilet SHIT FUCK - HotScatWife (2017 | FullHD)

Bend me over the toilet and destroy my ass! I shit into my hand and place my warm scat over my ass. I then talk dirty, begging you to shoot your load onto my shit pile!
4 days worn panties - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Ive been wearing this pair of panties for exactly 4 days. Ive been working out in them, drove for 360km,slept in them and after all these, I stuffed them deep inside my pussy and cum all over. U can see how strong that orgasm was in the video. This way Im sure they've got all my intimate fragrance and my pussy juices flavour ??
Extreme facial smearing - EllaGilbert (Ella Gilbert) (2017 | HD)

Ive finally done it!
I start by scooping the poop I couldnt hold and slipped in my panties before hitting the record button, in a glass bowl and save it for later use, then Im gonna stand up and with my legs together I'm gonna take a huge and creamy poop and then tease my pussy a lil bit cause Im really horny but its not the time to cum yet.
Its time to go up to my face so Im smearing a thin layer of poop all over just before I take all the poop in the bathtube in both my hands and squash it on my forehead, spreading it all over my eyes and lips in such a thick layer u can barelly recognize me. I will repeat this 4 times using the poop I saved in the glass bowl also, smearing it all over my neck, hands and upper body, finishing by making my pussy cum really hard.
Happy Shitty Halloween - EllaGilbert (Ella Gilbert) (2017 | FullHD)

Im Robin Hood and Im gonna steal all ur..CUM! hahaaa.Im gonna go dowwn on my knees and take a shit with my ass facing the cam. Oh it feels so good! Im so eager to finger my shitty asshole now so I dont waste any time and stick my fingers deep inside my hot and full of shit asshole. Im gonna add finger by finger untill I fist my ass and once my hand is all covered in shit Im gonna smear it all over my face. So much better! Its now the time to make my lovely ass cum!
Monster poop and face peeing - Josslyn Kane (2017 | FullHD)

Monster poop and face peeing
Shit Desperation, Anal and Smearing - Josslyn Kane (2017 | FullHD)

Im so desperate to shit but you told me to not, so i start fucking my asshole until i can't keep the shit anymore, i start to push all my dirty shit out of your dirty asshole which i have been holding for you and fucking my ass still i cum. when i finish shitting and cumming i start playing with my poo and smear it all over my sexy body covering my tits,stomach and pussy. in the end i tell you what a dirty girl im how i love to play with my shit for you! Enjoy!
Panty poop with shitty anal fuck - HotScatWife (2017 | FullHD)

I want to feel the warmth of my shit smashed against my ass. Watch as I push out a big dump into my panties and grind the shit back into my hole! Riding the arm of my chair is the perfect way to massage the mud all over my panties and ass! I then pull the dirty panties up my ass giving myself a big shit wedgie! Now that my butthole is all lubed up, come and fill my ass with your cum!. Drop a big load back inside my ass and watch me push it out all over again! A shitty anal cream pie ends it all!