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Goddess Tedddy Pooping - Satin Massive Huge Shit - panthergodess (2020 | FullHD)

trying our Scat from ass to mouth - asiansteppe  (2020 | FullHD)

We made our first show with my aunties daughter. Due to pandemic we don’t have a work and we discovered our new fetish together. We made a video from ass to mouth pooping and eating. Kyrgyz girls rock go follow us and purchase our video! Thank you so much for your love my fav supporters.
shit fuck - Versauteschnukkis  (2020 | FullHD)

In this film the hairy milf has her period and crouches over her cock in doggy position and poops it and he pulls the bleeding tompon out of her cunt. Then the two swap places and the milf is smeared with her shit and fucked until he crouches over her face and shits all over it and smeared it with it and the full fingers are stuck in her mouth again and again to be able to exchange hot chocolate kisses. Have fun watching
Olga eats shit and drinks urine - ModelNatala94 (2020 | FullHD)

Wide Shitty Gaping Asshole Teasing Huge Turd -  (2020 | FullHD)

Shitting in the pants - margo  (2020 | FullHD)

In this video you will see close-up how I shit in the pants. This is fine, because my toilet slave can lick all and clear. Only lick my dirty ass, without touching. Do you like it?
Soft poop in the morning - LucyBelle (2020 | UltraHD/2K)

 I drank the pickle juice and look what soft dung fell out of me this morning
Only and dark poop today -  (2020 | UltraHD/2K)

Pooping in a big bowl, eat shit -  (2020 | FullHD)

MASSIVE Dump Toilet Training - LoveRachelle2 (2020 | UltraHD/4K)

DirtyScatGirl Puke Shitty and Puke Play -  (2020 | FullHD)

Anal Delicacy - LoveRachelle2 (2020 | UltraHD/4K)

Taste And Smear My Scat -  (2020 | FullHD)

You are ass cleaner -  (2020 | FullHD)

My New Scat Make Up Yoga Pants Shit - MissAnja (2020 | FullHD)

Sexy Shit From A Sexy Arse -  (2020 | FullHD)

New Mistress, and Karina's new record - MilanaSmelly (2020 | FullHD)

Soft smelly poop on the toilet - LucyBelle  (2020 | UltraHD/2K)

I sat on the toilet and made a lot of soft poop from the front
Yana plays with her shit -  (2020 | FullHD)

Sly toilet slut, shitting and eating shit - Mistress (2020 | FullHD)

I teach my slave girls love shit, be in shit, eat shit. It was test of endurance. Maya fell in love with shit so quickly that I decided to see how long she could endure if she wanted to shit, but I told her not shitting. It turned out, quite a short time and more than that, she shitting in her hand, ate of shit and smeared herself. Innocently looking at me and blinking, she said that she ate shit as a punishment for not enduring and taking a shit. Here’s sly toilet slut
1. She wants shitting, wants eat shit
I tied my toilet bitch in the room and strictly told her to be patient, wait for me and not shit. And this toilet slut, sat sat and still shit herself. She shit in her hands and started eating shit, smearing by face, clothing and masturbating. Well, what to do with her, insatiable and uncontrolled, so loved shit. I gave her dildo and she began satisfy herself by shoving it in her pussy, and fingers in dirty ass. Began lick and suck him, insatiable bitch. I’ll have accept it, I brought up shit-nymphomaniac, insatiable and adoring shit
2. We love being in shit all day
I train all my toilet slave girls to shit. I love when they serve me dirty, all in shit, go in this form all day. Usually I have to make slave girls walk in shit, but with Maya it was different. She was happy to stay in the shit all day. Most of all, she liked when I smeared her from head to toe with shit, along with her hair. She is very perverted and insatiable shit eater and shit fetishist. I don’t mind walking around the house dirty in shit myself. I like smell of shit on my body, I like feel of shit. It’s so exciting
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