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Poopy Platform Heels Anal Fuck In Fishnets/JOI - MissAnja  (2020 | FullHD)

Tell me how much you love my full body fishnets pantyhose and platform heels on? You can’t take off your eyes from my long legs and round ass, and didn’t talk yet of my high heels. I walk to you nice and slow provide you time to love me in this outfit. Show you my body front and back than I squat and asking you about did you think about to masturbating for me? You’re little nasty girl here and tell how to do that. Are you ready to fuck my shitty hole in your mind? Remove your pants. And grab your dick. It’s playtime. I show you ass and asshole sticking my finger in dip in my messy ass. Giving your jerk off instructions and encouragement all over. The thoughts that I going to poo soon make your dick even more hard right? I also ask you to stick one of your finger into your ass while the other stroking your dick. I squat up and spread legs push out a long, dark brown poo for you. I keep asking you about jerking your cock to me. I remove one of my heels and make it dirty with poo and penetrate into my little ass. I tell you to keep your fingers in butt and this will bring even more closer to cum. I’m so naughty and playing with those heels in my ass and make the other pair too with shit. How badly you wanna cum from the view? Sexy fishnet, platform heel in my ass, my moaning and swollen asshole definitely make you cum. I give you countdown from 10 to 1 and let’s spread your cum all over.
Dirty, Loud, Stinky Enema Session/Farts/Prolapse - MissAnja  (2020 | FullHD)

I love cleaning out my ass. This time I decided too because my tummy is bad. I felt have to poo but didn’t come so helped on myself and had xtremely messy stinky enema session. I am totally naked, describe how I feel myself and then get on my knees and giving the first round of enema. I release it squat over on the toilet. Let’s get back and can come the second round. I get full of quickly and telling how uncomfortable it is then squat over again and release lot of shitty water. My poo spread all over. I do third round as well like a good girl. But this time pushing out standing like a fountain. My ass squirting out more of shitty liquid. Asshole got extremely swollen then I spread my cheeks several times. Also fingering butt hole standing. I’m ready to get even more. So knee down and let it flow as much water I can receive in my ass. But quickly desperation. This time I squat over on toilet again but backward and squirting like a fountain all over all the dirty liquid. I have another round of enema which I ending standing and unbelievable how much shitty liquid is coming out of my ass. Enema rounds are noisy because of farts and the stream of squirting. I do finger my butt little bit more and farting standing. Trust me my bathroom was shitty all around. Have fun…
NEW girl Karina pooping in a glass jar - MilanaSmelly (2020 | FullHD)

I met her on facebook. She is 19 years old, height 169 cm. Her shit has a solid consistency. I will try to invite her to my studio with great effort to feel the taste of her shit (I think it’s very tasty), but she is a very modest girl and afraid to meet, but I’ll try to persuade her! Christina also was afraid at first, but when I fed her money (at first she worked at home) she decided to meet and now every 2 days I can enjoy the taste and smell of her shit! In this video Karina for a long time and tugitsya and from her pussy even begin to drip female discharge! In the process it is a little and sweet fart.
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