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Fart and shit - PrincessNikki  (2020 | FullHD)

My slave is lying on the bed, and it is time for me to feed him.. But before I give him my shit, I need to fart a lot.. What other way to be submissive but to sniff it all in? Besides, it is the smell that soon is to be his food, so he should be happy that I give him a appetizer. It is time to let the logs out, and I make sure it all goes in his mouth. He starts gagging, so I just sit on his face making sure nothing goes to waste, and that all is consumed.
I couldn’t hold this HUGE turd! - MiaRoxxx (2020 | FullHD)

OMG I really couldn’t hold it and my asshole and panties were ruined! This unbelievable long turd kicked ass
Summer poop - MiaRoxxx (2020 | FullHD)

Summer! Finally! A nice, white dress and a small poop in nature. Summer! Yay
Big Poo Smear Scat Masturbation - AbigailDupree  (2020 | FullHD)

Oh what a nice big smelly poo. I love the smell and even sometimes the taste of my poo depending on how horny I am or what I had to eat the few days before. Either way, I have had many spells that daddy calls orgasms from just smelling my dirty fingers after they have been in my butt and moving them around a bit in there.

In this recording, I am reading and have been holding my poo for such a long time… Been holding it sense this morning. It has been a very exciting day today, especially when the cramps had me crossing my legs several times in desperation to hold my poop in and not dirty my underwear. But I have been holding this poo all day till tonight when I just couldn’t wait any longer. While I was reading, I removed my panties in ready for the special time I have with my warm smelly poo.

I know that I shouldn’t hold it, Daddy said that it isn’t good for me, but it feels so good. Why is feeling so good so bad? Oh boy, here comes the cramps again, they make me moan and that is when daddy looks through his peephole into my room, the one I am not supposed to know about. This poo is a special one that I smear and scat play with… mmm rubbing it all over my body, smells and tastes so good that I have to masturbate with mommy’s dildo and cum so quickly while daddy watches so I can have daddy ice cream for being a good girl.
Gamer Girl Fail - Accidental Sex On Live-Stream Leaked!! - Kimberly Chi (2020 | HD)

Brazil Lezdom - Nadia, Bruna (2020 | SD)

From Australia Jillys First Fuck Scene - Jilly Smith (2020 | FullHD)

Steamy Seaside Sex - Amateurs (2020 | FullHD)

The Morning After - Mira, Antonio (2020 | HD)

At Home With Ivanna - Ivanna Lace (2020 | HD)

Blow By Blow - Leah Lixx, Leona Queen, Ella James (2020 | FullHD)

Emily Willis - Insatiable Emily Willis Wants Dick And Balls In Her Teen Ass 06.09.2018 - Amateurs (2020 | SD)

At Home With Ivanna - Ivanna Lace (2020 | FullHD)

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Cocksucker - Amateurs (2020 | FullHD)

Big Island 6 - Mi Ha Doan (2020 | SD)

Blowjob On Her Belly - Amateurs (2020 | HD)

Compilation - Daisy Ducati (2020 | SD)

Ebony Gives A Sloppy Blowjob And Takes A Facial - Amateurs (2020 | SD)

Pov Blowjob In A Sex Tape - Alex, Anita (2020 | HD)

Pleasure Garden - Anastasia Lamour (2020 | HD)

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