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Thong enema - wera_fit (2020 | SD)

i had to make an enema and forgot to take off my thongs… what a huge came out and just wanted to smear it all over me
Suck shitty cock, eat sperm with shit - Mistress  (2020 | FullHD)

Oh, how I love fisting, I love fucking men with my fist in the ass, but even more I love fisting in dirty assholes with shit. This is a wonderful feeling when hot shit covers your hand in the ass, as it slides, oozes through your fingers, slurps, it is such bliss. I decided to show my slave girl how I will fuck slave with shit in the ass and for one, give her to suck dirty cock in shit and feed her shit with fresh sperm. I love these mixes when slave girl gets cum with shit. She has at this moment mixed feelings of taste and lustful desire. It’s so exciting.
1.Suck dirty cock in shit, swallow cum
Suck dick slave, suck it, bitch, take dick deeper down in your throat. Lick his balls, fucking his anus your tongue. Suck his cock, and I’ll punch the fist in his ass. Oh, I feel so much shit in his ass. Let me smear his cock with shit to make you suck sweeter. Now go ahead and keep sucking that shitty Lollipop. You like the taste of shit, whore. Ha-ha, the slave came in your mouth, and you were so scared that you shit yourself, bitch. You’re so sexy now. Give I’ll kiss you on your dirty shitty lips.
2.Feel my fist in your shitty ass
Well, my toilet schmuck, let’s continue your training. Today you will feel my fist in your ass again. And along with the lube, I’ll fuck you with shit. Get used to it, very soon I will stop using lubricant at all and will fuck you in a dirty ass on a dry one. That you’re screeching again, that you’re complaining again. It is your duty to entertain me and give me pleasure. And you know how I love playing with shit, push bitch, push harder, I want more shit. Now I’ll mark you, piss on top of you, and shove my gasket up your ass. You’ll be walking around with shit and piss and a gasket in your ass all day.
Prepare for shitty lunch shit receiver - Mistress  (2020 | FullHD)

You walking bitch! How you were a whore, you’re still, toilet bowl. That you’re whining bitch, you know I like fuck you in ass harder and harder. Today you will be the toilet for me and my husband. You toilet bitch, you all in vomit, nothing now we will wash you, piss and rinse your mouth with urine. Now it’s shit time. Open your mouth, shit receiver, it’s time for lunch. You whore! All in shit and ask me climbing on my strap-on. So be it, I’ll let you cum.
Gonna feed you shit, my happy toilet - Mistress  (2020 | HD)

Crawl my toilet slut, crawl to me my living toilet bowl. I want to play with you. Kiss my legs, lick my pussy and ass, soon I will want to shit and my shit will definitely be in your mouth. Yes, that’s it, lick me from top to bottom. Your sharp little tongue tickles my insides so nicely. Stand up on knees, now I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass. You shit yourself, shit right on the floor, and I’ll keep fucking you in your dirty ass. Oh, how I like it, the ass oozes liquid shit. Lie still, you need to be flogged for prevention. Well, well, don’t pout your lips, you are my depraved innocence, my slut, my happy toilet. And I want to shit in it. Get on your knees behind me and take the shit out of my ass. Yes, even deeper, insert your fingers, even deeper. Oh, you put your hand up my ass, this is my first fisting. How nice, work hand in my dirty ass. Yes, it’s a buzz, I’m cum now. And now eat all the shit in your hands my dear, You know I’m going feed you shit anyway
Learn getting shit out ass to feed yourself - Mistress  (2020 | FullHD)

Well, toilet bitch. Today you have happy day, today you will learn fisting a slave in dirty ass full of shit. You have to be able to do everything, not only open your mouth under the ass and accept shit out of there, but also getting the shit out of ass on your own to feed yourself. Today I will give you this opportunity, put your hand in the ass of slave and take out his shit, taste it, smears on yourself and eat. Quickly dived face in his dirty ass, lick the shit out of there. Now let’s get to the sweet stuff. Smear his cock in shit and suck. With shit it tastes better, like a shitty lollipop. Enjoy the shit as long as I’m kind
Hot Italian Martina Smeraldi First Time On LP! Super Nasty, Super Horny AF004 - Martina Smeraldi (2020 | SD)

Manhandle Alita Angel 4 On 1 Rough Sex Balls Deep Anal, Gapes, DAP And Facial GIO1392 - Alita Angel (2020 | SD)

Hot Italian Martina Smeraldi First Time On LP! Super Nasty, Super Horny AF004 - Martina Smeraldi (2020 | HD)

Manhandle Alita Angel 4 On 1 Rough Sex Balls Deep Anal, Gapes, DAP And Facial GIO1392 - Alita Angel (2020 | HD)

Kinky MILF Cooch - Britney Amber (2020 | FullHD)

Ginger Lovers And Friends - Alice Merchesi (2020 | FullHD)

Getting Caught And Lucky - Bella Mur (2020 | FullHD)

When You Sleep - Lili Parker (2020 | HD)

Cute Blonde Workout - Riley Star Initial Casting - Riley Star (2020 | FullHD)

Sperm Loads On Sexy Toes - Gianna Dior (2020 | FullHD)

A Not So Innocent Gianna - Gianna Dior (2020 | FullHD)

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SinfulXXX - Brandi Love (2020 | FullHD)

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