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Feeding shit after warming - MilanaSmelly  (2020 | FullHD)

Feeding shit after warming with whip. The slave always with excitement waits for the moment when Mistresses will be needing his services. This excitement is especially nice when he will need to provide toilet services. Sometimes he has to sit for several hours in the bathroom, sleep on the rug. A slave should always be nearby as soon as Mistress wants to shit or piss. This time, the wait turned out to be very extreme for me. Mrs. Christina and Victoria did not want me to be in the room, and I had to spend several hours on the balcony at freezing temperatures. It was very cold, but I was warming up by the thought that I would have to serve as a toilet for two beautiful girls. Finally, this moment has come. The girls let me into a warm room, but after that they began to flog me with a whip. “To keep you warm,” as they explained. “I want to shit,” said Christina, and after that I proceeded to my favorite duties. At first one, and then another female anus opened beautifully above my face and released fragrant chocolate into my mouth. This time, both Christina and Victoria had a special shit. The girls ate spicy food. Christina – potatoes with garlic, Victoria – sushi. Both girls had poops with a very strong smell. I was fed, after which I was again taken to the balcony.
Miss Demona’s Filthy Buffet - DemonaDragon (2020 | HD)

Watch as slave Ben has his fill at my filthy buffet! He starts out by drinking my piss then moves on to eating my big shit while smearing it on himself and jacking off. So much filth in this clip. You are sure to love it as much as we did!
Naughty Nun - DemonaDragon  (2020 | HD)

Watch as I play a naughty nun stuck in a convent. I am so filled with depravity, I cannot help myself. I sneak off to the bathroom where I take a huge shit and smear it on myself and read from the bible then fuck myself with a dildo until I squirt all over the bible. This is a very naughty and filthy clip you are sure to enjoy and cum hard over!
Birthmark Proof - Angelique Luka, Lucia Love (2020 | FullHD)

Teased In The Bath - Naomi Swann (2020 | SD)

Throat-Fucking Babe - Khloe Kapri (2020 | HD)

Study Buddy - Kiara Cole (2020 | FullHD)

Study Buddies, Fuck Buddies - Kiara Cole (2020 | FullHD)

Larissas First Time Anal - Larissa Dee (2008 | HD)

Lexie Fux - Lexi Fux (2020 | HD)

Angelic Ass - Angelic Diamond (2008 | HD)

Lexie Fux - Lexi Fux (2020 | FullHD)

Throat-Fucking Babe - Khloe Kapri (2020 | SD)

Teased In The Bath - Naomi Swann (2020 | HD)

Checkmate - Evelyn Claire (2020 | SD)

Grateful - Kyler Quinn (2020 | SD)

Steliana Takes Three - Steliana (2008 | HD)

Shes No Angel - Angel Emily (2020 | SD)

Loose Lips With Lily And Laney - Laney Grey, Lily Glee (2019 | HD)

Two Cocks For Toma - Tommy Steel (2008 | HD)

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