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Shit In Solarium - janet  (2019 | FullHD)

I’m so happy I decided to do another public shit video! Today I visited the sauna and I really wanted to shit. I really want to do this LOL! But there was no toilet nearby. And I had to shit in the solarium. This is a terrible feeling of awkwardness when you want to shit, but at the right moment there is no toilet slave next to me. I would like you to eat my shit and lick the floor with your dirty tongue, slave.
Good Boys Eat My Shit/Anal Banana Stufiing - MissAnja  (2019 | FullHD)

Did you ever think about to eat my shit? Are you curious about the taste? Do you wanna be a good boy? Tell me how many times did you think about to tasting my delicious poo? Here I am to serve you some of my chocolate now. I tease you with some ass showing and hairy pussy view. You got hard just because I talk about to eating my shit don’t you? I knee on and play a bit with my anal glass toy and gaping hole and tell you when I want you going to open your mouth and eating my shit, is it clear? I make myself shit quicker with this toy and asking you are you ready? I’m such a nasty girl who gives surprise for you my naughty boy. I talk sexy and dirty to get your dick hard and close to you like I would sit front of your mouth. You get the best from me. Open your mouth right now and take all my shit, and my piss. Look how creamy and big. You deserve only the best. I don’t want you to stay hungry. I show you the big pile of shit which you’re having now. In that case if you’re still hungry I can serve some desert for as well. Otherwise it’s not a question because you have it all what I give you. I start to push a banana into my swollen asshole and pucker it but not pushing out for awhile to keep you horny and hungry. Chocolate banana for my good boy. Sexy and dirty anal stuffing play to your face. Open your mouth again here is the dessert coming. How does the taste? Perfectly sweet and delicious. I stuff the banana once again and pucker asshole then pushing out for you. After this mess Can you clean my asshole now? Like a good boy? Have fun
The natural warmth of fresh shit - DirtyBetty  (2019 | FullHD)

Imagine yourself in a cozy warm room, smelling delicious ass red bitch! A huge hot ass stands right in front of your face, and pushes out a huge fresh poop! In this video, I filled my mouth tight with my delicious shit, then plunged my nose into the shit and smeared huge chunks all over my face! As same I love my shit, it such tasty and fragrant, tender, warm and melts in mouth, leaving bitter but deep and saturated taste of! It’s all thanks to my ass, it not only gives off sexy pheromones but also keeps me warm in winter under the covers, if you know what I mean! Ahaha!
Dirty Schoolgirl’s Filled Pussy - Anna Coprofield (2019 | FullHD)

This video is made by User’s request.
Delicious Dish for My Gourmet  - Anna Coprofield (2019 | FullHD)

Today I will serve the table and prepare a delicious dish for you so I defrost my 9 bags of shit and fill the plate first. I pour you champagne, you can drink while I add the main ingredient – a portion of fresh fragrant shit right out of my ass. I’m a great chef, is that so? I’d like to try it too but this dinner is just for you, my gourmet… Bon appetit
Fill my Pussy / 10 Saved and 1 Fresh Shit  - Anna Coprofield (2019 | FullHD)

The best quality video is divided into 2 parts. Full compressed version is also available (1hour)

I collected these 10 servings of shit for a long time, you can look at it here
Blue Shorts / Filled Pussy  - Anna Coprofield (2019 | FullHD)

Panty/Jean Pooping, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing
Big Portion From Two Girls! - margo  (2019 | FullHD)

Our new toilet slave is very capable of eating shit! I decided to test his abilities and bring a friend to use him too. How cruel yes I know. Let’s see if he can eat a really big portion of shit mine and her! Oh, and he has to drink our pee from glass too… ANd this is only the beginning, I am planning to use him all week and more until he can’t eat any more shit or maybe until he can’t do anything at all…
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