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Messy Toilet Diary - drea_xoxo (2019 | FullHD)

Today I decided I was going to do a poop clip. I hadnt pooped in a week and really needed to go. But just as Im about to start filming, my tummy started hurting as if I were having lactose issues again. So I decided to film in the bathtub, not knowing what kind of consistency I was going to have. You get a really good view of it all. And the consistency starts to change through out the video
Eat Shit, Sniff Farts Straight From My Ass - MissAnja  (2019 | FullHD)

I wear white crop top and strappy panty on. You’re wondering why are you here today don’t you? Well your dream come true today by me. I have a good news and bad one. The good news is you can eat my shit directly from my ass the bad one which isn’t that bad maybe you’re not ready eat all of it yet or even don’t want it but you should eat and taste my shit today. I show off my ass my magic ass cause yummy food coming out from this hole. When I need to shit you’ll take it all. I wanna feed you well so that wouldn’t be a question you wanna eat or not my poo. I tease you and make ready my ass for you. I knee on doggy and insert a dildo to butt hole and really feel my big poo in. Gaping and stretching it straight to your face and hopefully you’ll getting ready yourself to take all my shit. You know where you should go under me lay down. But be patient because I love playing with my ass and if you leave me giving pleasure your tasty shit coming soon. Did you understand me? Good boy. So I’m ready to feed you ope wide your mouth. Oh wow. I poo a big one for you. Sweet and delicious poo to your mouth. After I poo show you the pile of shit which you take it right now and chew it don’t you? I have one more surprise which my fart dirty boy. I wanna fart straight to you face and you going to sniff it. Stinky asshole and smelly farts. What a great Goddess I am. In doggy I dildo my asshole and farting several times.Wet and nasty farts without and with dildo in my ass. You just stick your nose on my butt hole and sniff it. Hm…All the things made you hard as I see. Great. You know whats your job now. See you next time when You’ll be hungry nasty boy.
Pleasant Push and Poopy Butt with Dirty Wipe - LoveRachelle2  (2019 | UltraHD/4K)

Sometimes, you just have a very enjoyable shit! I push out a few tight little nuggets and piss before unleashing a snake coil out of my shit cutter. I show it off after for your enjoyment, as well as my messy, winking, poopy butthole!
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