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Feet massage and scat in jar - Dirty Socks, Enema & Ass Licking - ChocolateLover  (2019 | FullHD)

Feet massage and scat in jar

Today i feel to play with my slut and i call him for a foot fetish session. Because i know his fetishes and his addictions, i just paint with blue my nail toes. I put my feet on his face, in his mouth and order him to clean them and lick them good. At the end, i prepare him his meal and i shit a lot in a jar, to give him to eat it home slowly. He will become soon a full toilet, as i trained him ! Stay tuned for more dirty action!

Dirty Socks, Enema & Ass Licking

I arrived home from the gym. My personal slut was waiting patiently lying on the bed. I told him to be ready, because I have some dirty & sweated socks for him to smell and lick. After I had enough fun with the dirty socks, I took a red lipstick and wrote on his chest “dirty whore” for him to fully understand what he is. After that, I removed my sport shoe, opened it, put it on his mouth and nose for him to feel the smell and after taped it around his head so that this will be the only air he breaths. After a while, I took a transparent glass bowl and did an enema in it. I was so dirty !!! While I released my kaviar in the bowl, I felt like peeing too. And I was shitting and peeing in the same time ! My dirty toilet whore had to smell it while I was filling up the enema bag for another one. At the end you can see a ass close up, while my ass is worshiped and I spreaded my buttocks for a better view
Dirtygardengirl - Quick Soft Poop -  (2019 | FullHD)

DGG sits back with her legs up in the air, she briefly rubs her clit. She then beings to push out a soft dump, her prolapse comes out but it's covered in shit so it really just looks like a big clump of shit. While pushing she pisses a little, once done she bends over and shows off her shitty asshole.
Toilet-slave from northern Europe - Mistress Gaia (2019 | FullHD)

This slave came to my studio in Rome from northern Europe with a specific purpose: eat my shit. It is a dream he is having for a long time and finally has come true. I was surprised myself by such a high level of devotion towards me and I was curious to see if he could keep his promise. Many slaves ask to be allowed to eat my shit but only a few succeed in receiving it in their mouth and just 1 out of 10 can actually swallow. I start making him lick my beautiful feet then I fart on his face, so that he can get used to the smell of the inside of my body. But, now, it’s the crucial moment. I squat over his face and a nice long turd falls in his mouth. A few seconds later a second one follows. His mouth is full of my fresh, smelly shit; I order him to start chewing. It’s not easy to chew with a completely full mouth and, for a second, I fear he’s going to vomit but I’m wrong. He dutifully starts chewing and swallowing and it doesn’t take long before his mouth is empty. But I need to shit again and one more turd ends up in his mouth and, then, in his belly. Now he deserves a rewards: my refreshing pee. The long trip to Rome was a success: he kept his promise and pleased his Mistress behaving as a perfect toilet slave!
I’m a toilet for two stinky morning ladies - MilanaSmelly  (2019 | FullHD)

I’m a toilet for two stinky morning ladies. Today, Christina and Victoria came to me at different times. Kristina came first, I thought she had a good night’s sleep or that she had sex with her boyfriend tonight. She was in a good mood, she often smiled. I noticed that the girls are in a good mood from the toilet slave, because they know that they will soon shit and piss, and this toilet person will help her in this pleasant matter. Christina immediately began to rush me – come on faster, I really want to shit. When Kristina entered my house she immediately farted and said – I endured all the way so as not to accidentally fart in a taxi. I asked – why didn’t you do it on the street, she said – you love my smell, I was very happy with such an answer.

Today I decided to use this script again. I liked it when a girl sits in front of you, looks at me and shits, and then feeds the slave with her shit. Victoria’s shit tastes good sweet and is easier to swallow than Christina’s shit. I noticed that during the feeding process the most difficult moment is when the shit gets in my mouth and I begin to feel its taste. This lasts the first 1-2 seconds and the slave usually coughs a little at this moment. Next, the slave must put up with the taste and smell, take it as food, and begin to swallow. The toilet slave never knows what taste and smell he will encounter. For example, buckwheat in different girls will have a different taste. Therefore, every new girl is always a new unexplored taste!
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