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Bored Schoolgirl Takes a Shit - PastelGoddess  (2019 | FullHD)

Bored Schoolgirl Takes a Shit

Ugh, I’m so bored from studying and need to blow off some steam by toying with my helpless slave. I have his mouth and eyes taped shut with only his nose peaking through to smell whatever I give him. I told him that I’m going to fart on him lots, but I’m actually planning on going even further than that.

I start off by torturing him with the smell of my socks. My weight is crushing his stomach and his little chastity while my sock stench infiltrates his lungs and makes him struggle and gag. He is already trying to resist so much but has no idea about the smells he is about to take in. Turning around, I place my asshole right on his nose and seal my cheeks around it. I smother him in my sweaty ass before letting out a couple of farts. I can’t fart much though because the shit I’ve been building up all day is ready to come out.

My slave helplessly awaits as I lower my asshole over his face. He can see nothing as I release a lengthy, solid turd right on his face and I hear him begin to gag from the smell. This shit keeps coming though and covers a massive portion of his face completely. I go on pushing out the rest as I make fun of him and laugh at his terrible situation. Only a completely useless loser would be in his place, taking a hot girl’s dump on his face without any chance of escape.

When I finish, I pick up the camera and show you what I’ve done for several minutes. You can see all the details in my shit on the suffering slave as I talk about the ways I plan on using him and endlessly stripping him of humanity as he falls deeper into his inescapable role as my toilet. At the end, I leave him in his mess to deal with while I clean up.
Ballbusting and scat with bag on head - ChocolateLover  (2019 | FullHD)

Black is my favorite color and I dressed today again, in black : sexy pants that reveal skin, spike boots and transparent catsuit.
First I teased my slave with my sexy breasts. I was caressing them and ordered him to jerk off,to show me his addiction.
I used my spike boots to inflict pain on my addicted slave that loves every action of mine. I felt kinky and strong and I decided to hit his balls with my boots. While my slave jerked off like crazy, I gave him a strong kick. My slave screamed loud and that amused me. I brought a mouth gag. The humiliation continued : I hitted his balls with my knee and face slapped a few times. I pinched his nipples. Teased him with my ass and breasts. Then I told him to sit down with face to the ground and I spanked his ass hard simultaneously with both of my hand. I always had my smile on, while doing it.
After the pain infliction more is about to come. A toilet should never forget his place and I told him it’s time to use his mouth. I shitted a lot in his mouth and then I breath played with him with a bag on his head. This way the toilet is forced to open his mouth and maybe a piece will fall on his throat. A toilet should feel the scent more intense. Then I bounced a few times with my extraordinary curved ass on his face, leaving his breathless for a couple of seconds.
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