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Desperation Big Poo Standing, Extreme Smear Chewing Poo - MissAnja (2019 | HD)

I’m fully naked in video. Desperation so bad, really, really have to poo. I tried to hold long time but now I feel I will poo myself in a minute. I hold my pussy and ass to keep it in. I tease you and do desperation moves. You can see on my face clearly I’m not joking really have to poo. After few minute I cannot hold it anymore so in POV style on standing I release so big, long and massive shit. Oh wow I feel much more better. I moaning few times because I feel myself better after big shitting? You can take a pleasure in my dirty swollen asshole close up, during poop peeing a lot. Then show you on the kitchen floor how massive turd came out of me. So yummy and big poo. Then put in my hand and lift it up just holding and show in the cam. Do you wanna know what I will do with this amazing poo, of course I smear on my sexy body. Slow smearing first on upper body. So much brown and thick poo. Smearing everywhere make myself messy. Nice thick poo layer on my body. I smear on pussy and ass, legs too. I finger my little pretty asshole and enjoy very much. Love fingering my ass so much pleasure. Still have so much poo in my hand after smearing, so I decided just tasting and chewing of my poo a piece of so I tell you how yummy is it. Chewing, smearing on teeth and tongue then licking my messy shitty hands and cleaning fingers. So much poo everywhere. I give you some because I know how bad you wanna taste me. Come on dirty boy take my poo and taste it ? You won’t disappointed. Sexy desperation video, with huge turd and big smearing then poo chewing.
Aleisha Gets Messy - MessyGirls (2019 | HD)

This movie is true “girl next door” panty pooping. Right from the start Aleisha is looking young and very sexy, as she sleeps on her bed with her butt in a tight pair of jeans. But then she’s woken by an urgent phone call, and has to get up, shower and get ready to go in five minutes, even though she explains it’s impossible. She undresses and has a quick shower, but when she gets back to the bedroom to change, she thinks she can feel the need to poop coming on.

Nevertheless she continues to get dressed. Watching her get dressed is very sexy, like a reverse strip tease! It shows just how young and sexy Aleisha really is – those hard nipples on her pert breasts poking through the fabric of her pink top. Then she decides though that she does indeed really need to poop, and heads back to the bathroom. But from her other movie “Alisha’s Constipation”, we already know that Aleisha has always had a bit of a problem with the toilet from when she was young. She decides instead that it would be quicker if she just did it in her panties instead!

Stepping into the shower cubicle she bends over and pushes, easily filling her panties with a lovely firm load of poop, nestled snugly between her butt cheeks, and making a nice bulge in the back of her lacy white panties. After checking out what she’s done, she pulls her panties back up and pushes again. A little bit more poop comes out, but also a quick spurt of pee which runs between her legs and off the poop bulge. Then she takes her panties off, and we watch more poop sliding out of her butt, as well as a stream of pee running right down the poop and off the tip!

Oh dear! Aleisha is supposed to be somewhere in a hurry and now she pooped her panties. She should have realized what that would mean – a tingling pussy and an insatiable need to masturbate! She can’t help it – if she poops herself then she has to cum, there’s no other way! She puts her dirty panties back on, and even fills them up again with the poop that has escaped, and starts to rub herself and get messy. She fingers her clit and mashes the poop in her panties against her butt. Check out the part where she pushes her butt up and down against the shower screen, smearing poop all over it!

Now she is seriously horny and there’s no turning back. She crouches in the shower cubicle, holding the hem of her pink top in her mouth to expose her perfect breasts, and then just goes for it – fingers feverishly working their magic between her spread legs. The close ups reveal just how much of a total mess she’s in. But coming once is not enough – she wants more! (Girls are lucky that way!)

She stands up with her butt to the camera – what a sight! The back of her panties look absolutely wonderful. Then she sits down in the corner with her legs apart and her butt on the poopy mess, and goes for it again, reaching a more intense orgasm than the first. Then of course she has to clean – I don’t think she’s going to make her appointment!
Real Monster-shit in mouth from - Alina (2019 | HD)

Real Monster-shit in mouth from Alina
Xpervo Little Caprice - Little Caprice, Marco (2019 | FullHD)

Here Cum The Men In Black - Hime Marie (2019 | HD)

Barbie Esm First Dap With Monster Cocks Sz2283 - Barbie Esm, Yanick Shaft, Ed Junior, Charlie Mac, Potro (2019 | HD)

Russian Clips - Howtoreachorgasm (2019 | FullHD)

Wet Cowgirl - Gabbie Carter (2019 | FullHD)

Bride Rides Photographers Big Dick - Evelina Darling (2019 | HD)

Mr. Andersons Anal Casting With Kristen Clover First Time In Porn, Balls Deep Anal, ATM, Gapes, Swallow GL078 - Kristen Clover (2019 | SD)

Super Sexy Rebecca Volpetti Rides His Giant Black Cock In The Bathroom GP971 - Rebecca Volpetti (2019 | HD)

Super Sexy Rebecca Volpetti Rides His Giant Black Cock In The Bathroom GP971 - Rebecca Volpetti (2019 | SD)

Mr. Andersons Anal Casting With Polina Maxim First Time In Porn, Balls Deep Anal, ATM, Gapes, Swallow GL074  - Polina Maxim (2019 | HD)

Skipping School - Nana G (19.10.2019 | FullHD)

Foot Fetishist Couple - Kristi Fox (11.10.2019 | FullHD)

Tantalizing Curves - Liv Revamped (26.10.2019 | FullHD)

Ass-Centric - Selvaggia (19.10.2019 | FullHD)

Natural Born Seductress - Henna Ssy (18.10.2019 | FullHD)

Family That Fucks Together, Stays Together - Megan Marx, Becky Bandini (11.10.12019 | FullHD)

Jennifer White Shows First Timer A Good Time - Jennifer White (11.10.2019 | FullHD)

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