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We want to shit. Prepare your mouth - MilanaSmelly (2019 | HD)

We want to shit. Prepare your mouth! Very warm and cozy video, shot in a Japanese sauna. Girls not only use the mouth of a slave for their smelly crap, but also sit on it while feeding. First, the girls relax a little, drink wine and bask in the sauna. Girls in turn, without removing panties, sit on the face of a slave and try to fart, the slave should feel a slight smell of food and begin to experience hunger. Girls should not experience discomfort – a slave must be hungry and must swallow anything that comes out of girls’ asses and do it quickly! A slave should not start eating and must wait for the girl to allow him to eat, before that he can only feel the taste and smell of shit, but he is not allowed to swallow.
Panty Pooping and Smearing Masturbation and Anal Play -  (2019 | FullHD)

Panty Pooping and Smearing Masturbation and Anal Play

Watch as I ruin my lace panties with poop, getting a front and back view, and reach in to smear all over myself. Afterwards, I proceed to take off my panties and give you a closer look with more smearing, more pooping, a little piss, masturbation and anal play. Watch me fuck the poop right out of myself and get nice and messy for you. Dirty talk is included throughout the entire video.

Playing With Pissy Pampers

Watch as I try a diaper on for the first time, model it a bit before pissing in them. I talk about how the diaper feels, and give you some dirty talk as I take them off and start playing with them, licking and sucking them to try to get the piss out of them and into a bottle, drinking the contents that I could get out of them.

Shitty Anal Play and Piss with Poop Cocktail

Watch as I start off pooping for you in a cup, smearing the poop simply on my nipples before anally fingering myself. From there, I take the poop cup and add some piss, pouring it all over my face with my mouth open. I ingest some of the piss and poop and proceed to smear it all over my face and chest. Includes a great deal of dirty talk throughout.

Morning Piss Mug For You

I know people normally enjoy coffee in the morning, but pissing into this mug may taste a little bit better. Let me talk dirty to you about you licking the excess mess off my tits, and how I can’t stop taste testing the piss mug I made for you. It’s just so good, and I want you to enjoy the nice, bitter taste of my piss.

Secret Kitchen Smear And Play

Watch as I poop a nice log onto a plate to serve up for you, and then proceed to talk dirty to you. I take the log and smear it all over my body, and even fit in some anal and vaginal play. We need to be quiet, because I’m not alone in the house. Let’s get dirty together in my kitchen, because it feels so good to do something so wrong.
Black Shit Burger #02 - ElenaToilet (2019 | HD)

Hail, slave! Welcome to my kitchen.
I’m going to eat a big burger to use your mouth then like my toilet. You should have a lot of my shit first. Try it again, it have a really disgusting smell. Swallow it all. That’s it. I have brought you here because i’m going to use you. I’m going to shit on you. And you’re going to eat it.
You want to make me happy, isn’t it? Show me how much you want to please me. Put my shit in your mouth and chew it. Now you’re my toilet, you have no choice. Mmm – more… More… That’s it… don’t stop. Well, cum with my shit!
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