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Diabolic Sigal – Slave’s Feeding - janet (2019 | FullHD)

My toilet slave came to me with flowers, but I kicked him in the balls and hit him on the head with a bunch of flowers. He fell to his knees and I decided to punish him. I’m training my new slave as shoe licker, or better, as a shoe-sole licker. I’m not happy of his performance, it seems that his tongue is too dry and he cannot produce enough saliva. But I have the right solution for that. Today I would like to do something different with you, something really extreme and dirty: I want to use you as my toilet slave. I know that you are afraid of that but I also know that the idea is a big turn-on for you and your cock is already getting hard. Open your mouth slave and swallow, you don’t have to waste even a single piece of shit. Taste the aroma and think how lucky you are: many slaves would like to be my toilet that but only a few are allowed this privilege. But I want to do more with you: I want you to eat my shit too!
Pathetic Toilet Slave - Spankmepink (2019 | FullHD)

In this video, you are degraded and humiliated as you kneel in front of your Mistress. This video has strong, sexy dialogue throughout. Mistress has been holding in her shit for a few days, and tells you how she has purposefully eaten the stinkiest foods she can get her hands on – seafood, sushi, beans, spicy curry, and lots of raw vegetables. Today, she takes pleasure in your discomfort. She spreads her long shapely legs which are wrapped in sexy white fishnets, and pushes out a thick, creamy stream of rancid shit. It stinks of rotten eggs. You get a POV up close view of the detail of her gorgeous pile. She laughs as she tells you to smell it. Obediently, you put your nose close to the pile as she orders you to sniff. Stick your tongue out and taste it. Don’t you DARE gag. Now she grabs the back of your neck and shoves your face deep into her pile. You are PATHETIC. Mistress takes obvious pleasure in your discomfort in this video.
White stockings full of shit - scatdesire (2019 | FullHD)

I love to wear nylon white pantyhose in this video clip I shit and piss in nylon pantyhose . First I posing for you in pantyhose having a little erotic show in which I defile in pantyhose and tease you with my perfect ass. After that I start to shit and piss in pantyhose. I stand cancer remove my white nylon tights and show you my dirty shit ass.
Let me eat your Shit Part 03 - Scatqueens-Berlin (2019 | HD)

Lady Lisa is not finished yet. She has to shit and does not wait any longer. The slave has to open his mouth wide. Although he still has shit in his slave’s mouth, Lady Lisa shits without mercy. What falls next to it, he must stuff himself in the mouth and continue to eat.
Toilet Paper Tongue - janet (2019 | HD)

My toilet slave is already waiting for me on my toilet, just like every morning, I feel like using it. I’ve trained it so well, that it gets aroused only from my smell and taste. He can taste, the breakfast which I’m about to serve, from the source. I will shit on his body and make him masturbate his tiny dick. I instructing it to sniff and lick my asshole after shit. The only time I allow erections, cumming and pleasure is with my shit on his dick. I milk it while explaining what it is to me: a toilet, a subhuman and a most loyal slave. Keeping slaves in denial is a good way to have them obsess over me. I spit in its mouth, as I am a merciful Goddess and that’s all the appreciation the toilet will ever get from me. Prove to me you’re a man worthy of the job of ass cleaner to Diabolic Sigal! Clean this shitty mess that surrounds my asshole!
New Taste For Pussy - Evelin Stone, London River (2019 | SD)

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The Perfect Wife - Riley Steele (2019 | SD)

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In Her First Porn Scene - Leah Lee (2019 | FullHD)

Sneaky Foot Video - Izzy Lush (2019 | SD)

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