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Lola and Natalya – Two Girls Share a Full Human Toilet - BratPrincess (2019 | FullHD)

1080 HD Lola and Natalya – Two Girls Share a Full Human Toilet (Be Nice) (Full Version)
Lola is upset with her toilet. She’s heard him throwing up in secret. It isn’t keeping Her down. She doesn’t like the thought of Her sacrament coming back up. Today, She wants it to take it all in and keep it in. Lola’s got an added surprise. Natalya will be using the slave as Her full human toilet as well. Now the toilet will have to keep down not one, but two girls’ solids and liquids. First, the girls take turns peeing straight down the slave’s throat. This is part is shown from two different camera angles, front and back. Lola fiddles with the slave’s tiny locked up penis while Natalya funnels pee straight down its throat. Then, Natalya shits in the slave’s mouth. Lola shits in the slave’s mouth after Natalya. This part has two angles, front and top. Lola gets very turned on using the human toilet with Natalya. She makes the slave swallow Her copulance. The slave is very resistant to eating the copulance. He seems terrified by it. Lola wonders if he is disgusted by the fluid itself, or terrified that She is clearly a sexual sadist. She makes it suck Her sexual fluid from Her gloved fingers, then shits in its mouth some more. Lola is wearing a bracelet that reads ‘Be Nice.’ ‘Be Nice,’ is a message to the slave, to remind it to ‘be nice’ about fully accommodating the girls’ toilet needs. She fucks the slave’s mouth with her shit covered glove and reminds it that this all started because it has a small penis. The girls take turns spitting into the slave’s mouth. They make the slave say, “I love you” to them. Then, the girls head outside for a chicken BBQ in progress in the backyard. The slave must stay chained in the cold basement, alone, while the girls enjoy the BBQ. When they need to use the bathroom, they will return to the basement to use the slave’s mouth. (26:41 long)
Note: The complete version of this clip had to be edited down a bit to make the file size more manageable. In the complete version, I have cut the prologue that sets up the scene and also one angle of Lola’s pee. If you are really into the pee, the pee only version has both angles of Lola’s pee section.
Very Pregnant Fingering Orgasm and Shit - jordansdirtysecret (2019 | FullHD)

I do not show my face in this video. Can you believe i’m due in just 2 short weeks? I sure can’t! Gosh my pussy just needs a little attention, maybe I should cum before I take a big dump for you with my ass facing the camera. The video is 5:19 and filled with pleasure! I wipe and flush for you at the end.
Tracie Pooping During A Skype Show -  (2019 | FullHD)

Dude wanted me to take a shit for him on webcam while he jerked off. This was the first time I ever shit on webcam for a stranger. He got goin right after I started getting undressed. So he got to see this huge poop stretch my ass open . After I finished I wiped my ass and fingered myself as I watched him cum all over himself.
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