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We poop and piss in denim jeans with ModelNatalya94 -  (2017 | FullHD)

We have not recorded a video for you in jeans things for a long time, we decided with friends that we need to record such videos more often for you our favorite fans. With me in this video take part Carolina and Marina, I asked the girls to take out of the house denim things, Marina brought denim breeches light color, Carolina denim shorts dark color, and I wore jeans light color. First, we take turns posing for you in denim things take different poses, showing you their white clean ass, after the demonstration, we take turns pooping and piss in denim things on our feet stick urine, leaving wet traces on denim things, we shoot in denim shit, then remove them and show you what we have in the inside of denim things and their dirty After the demonstration, we put our denim things back on our dirty Asses and pose for you already in dirty things. We decided to arrange a very hot jeans show for you!
Transparent Pantes Pooping with NaughtyPuma -  (2017 | FullHD)

I told you I don’t like to go to the toilet ! Didn’t I? Well, if only I could do something sexy over there. How about to take on my new transparent panties and watch how slowly my heavy load fills them to the max
Squatting Shit with EllaDearest -  (2017 | FullHD)

I squat daily to keep my juicy butt you love so much pert and toned. I want to show you how low I can go, so I start off 5 squats with my tight leggings on, I then tease you more by pulling them down to my ankles and exposing my bare bottom with my pink thong hiding my hole. I show off some more squats but now I need to poo so I pull my thongs down to my ankles give you a close up of my hole and tease you by pushing my poo right to the edge so you can see it pop out but slides back inside my tasty hole. I then do a couple more squats and then let it go a nice big healthy load. I feel light and do a few more squats and show off my shitty hole for you close up. What you would do to lick it clean
Smoking & Shitting with EllaDearest -  (2017 | FullHD)

Custom Request – “With your ass facing the camera in doggy style, kind of close up i would like a full body shot when you poop. What is important is that i can see it come out of your asshole while you are smoking a cigarette inhaling and exhaling
Stretching Causes Bowel Movement with EllaDearest -  (2017 | FullHD)

I have recently started yoga and have realised all that mindful stretching really loosens my bowels. Watch me engage in some light stretching in only a sports bra, I stretch so you can have a good look at my pussy and most importantly my ass hole. I do a few stretches to get my bowel moving once i’m ready I stretch my legs back and let out a medium sized soft light brown load. My webcam starts ringing but I ignore it as my toilet boys are more important right now…. I then continue to stretch out showing off my shitty ass hole with my load right there in front of me.
Smoking Makes Me Shit with evamarie88 -  (2017 | FullHD)

Watch me tell you my husband has gone out so im going to have a sneaky cigarette, smoking gives me a mad head rush but also makes my tummy start to grumble.. Hes going to be back soon il quickly smoke this and then go to the bathroom… But the more i smoke te more the tummy grumbles i quickly clean up the ash off the floor but as i do the desperation gets to much and i poo my white shorts and pants. Im disgusted and embarrassed now ive got to some how get rid of the smell of the smoke and the smell of my poo… I pull down my shorts and pants and am disgusted with my load of smelly poo inside my shorts and pants i need to hide them i open up my kitchen cuboard but then shit gets all over the door… Oh No hes home… a knock at the door and you here me explain to him whats happened and he storms out.
The Finest Meal Your Ever Eat with evamarie88 -  (2017 | FullHD)

Watch me in my kitchen a place where i prepare the finest of meals… Your meal isnt going to need any ingredients because its all being prepared right inside that arse of mine. Cooked to perfection. But your going to need something to wash it down with right? so i pee into a wine glass for you to sip my nectar. Now i think your meal is all cooked and ready to go i bend over and make you watch as i prepare it nicely onto a plate. My arsehole gapes open showing you your large raw shit inside of me and i slowly push the big logs out onto a plate.. With a thud they fall onto the plate one by one… I show you your perfect meal.. and then tell you how to sniff it, lick it, chew and swallow this delicacy down the back of your throat. I want your teeth tearing apart the undigested vegetable skins and let them glide down into that stomach. I want you to enjoy every mouth all as this is a true delicacy one you cant get in any original restaurant. The finest of meals cooked to your taste
Lily Cat -  (2018 | UltraHD/4K)

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