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Dating Story 3 with NaughtyPuma -  (2017 | FullHD)

My Third dating attempt video. I’m going to visit my boyfriend, but he don’t know about my dirty fetish games… So while I’m preparing to travel to him – I want to feel my dirty panties with heavy load as usual. Dirty girl needs dirty games!
Dating Story 1 with NaughtyPuma -  (2017 | FullHD)

There is a changes in my life and I would like to share it with you, to talk about it with you. I met a man who I really liked. And I’m constantly fantasizing about how we do some naughty and kinky things together, how I pisses and poops my panties near him and about exciting sensations from fully loaded panties in bed with him… But I don’t know how to tell him about my secrets, about my fetish games and kinky ideas… So if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make such a relationship – you can write me private messages. Let’s do it together! I will make a series of this “Dating Ideas” videos here, to share progress with you. Hope you will enjoy. Here is the first video, with PantyPooping, PantyPissing, and my exclusive – anal masturbation with my own solid log =D It’s always so hard and capable to penetrate my anus… mMmm I like to insert it back and masturbate like it is a dildo.
Dating Story 2 with NaughtyPuma -  (2017 | FullHD)

My second video about my dating attempt and my kinky fetish ideas. This time – I had a date, and it was very promising ) I like him, but still have no idea how to tell him about my naughty games with panties… But I always fantasizing about it… And always poop my panties at home, when noone see me… I wish we play this kinky games together… Like this new video with loaded panties with extremely big load. Again – I took my form poopy log and used it as a dildo – pushed it slowly/hardly back in my ass… I like this kind of anal penetration
Children’s toys and shit with ModelNatalya94 -  (2017 | FullHD)

Carolyn is very like when her naked body is used as a toilet, this time her friend Alice and Marina first undress each othe, showing you their bodies, and after all three girls fully undressed before the goal, and Carolina lays on the table, and Marina and Alice first, shit and piss on naked body Carolina and after the girls used the body Carolina qualities of his toilet, they began to smear his shit on the body with the help of Carolina toys, in this video Carolina not only smear shit but Carolina itself produces a big jet of urine from his hairy pussy.
Eat my shit girlfriend with ModelNatalya94 -  (2017 | FullHD)

We like to eat each other’s shit. I offered my friends Alice and Caroline to record a video for you in which we will take turns to strike and piss in white panties and then we will eat shit from panties. This is something new answered me my girlfriends and agreed, the first who shits and pisses in panties it was me, I got cancer on my knees and my girlfriends Alice and Caroline first took off my panties showed you my clean white ass and after showing my ass the girls put back on my ass panties and I started to shit and piss in them, Yes I like to shit and piss in my panties and my girlfriends take off my ass panties and take spoons and start eating my shit with iron spoons, now it’s Alice’s turn, Alice gets cancer on his knees, and we the image with her panties and demonstrate you her ass after this, Alice and shitting and pissing in the panties about fucking and we are waiting for Caroline when Alice finishes to fill in her panties. Alice was filled with shit and piss her white panties and we take off with Caroline ass Alice panties take up the spoon and begin to eat the crap Alice, what is it hot and tasty, we totally eat the shit of our friend Alice, now came ocrd Carolina, Carolina gets cancer on his knees and Alice first, exposing her ass Carolina showing you her white ass but after the demonstration we put panties back on your ass and waiting for Caroline when Caroline will fill her white panties with shit and urine, after Carolina filled panties, we shoot with her big ass panty take up spoons and eat shit with spoons Carolina fucking so good we like so much.
Please stop with MilanaSmelly -  (2017 | HD)

Please stop! He was confident that he could serve 6 girls, but he could not do it – the girls were disappointed! At the end (when we were leaving his apartment) he said – I reconsidered my views on life and will never again be a toilet slave! This is really difficult and disgusting, but not for a real toilet slave, for a good toilet slave – 6 girls this is a magical feast!
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